Send a Free Fax without a landline via Google Voice VOIP

Send a Free Fax without a landline via Google Voice VOIP

Here’s how to Send a fax manually using the Google Voice Callback method – tested with a Brother MFC-9340CDW

**Caution, you may lose previously received faxes.  Please read the manual if you are unsure of any settings.

  1. Set “fax preview” configured to “off” on the printer.
  2. Load your document (I tested using the ADF)
  3. Using Google Voice on the Web, Dial the fax number with Google voice callback.
  4. Google will call your phone. When your PHONE rings, answer the PHONE (not the fax machine).
  5. You will now hear Google calling the fax number (from step 3).  When you hear the fax tones, immediately press “Fax Start” on the LCD. (If you are using the scanner glass, press send.)


**If you have send failures, try setting your fax machines modem speed to 9600.

On The Brother MFC-9340CDW, this is accomplished under “Settings”, “all settings”, & selecting “initial setup”.

Choose “Compatibility”.

Choose “BASIC” (for voip which reduces the modem speed to 9600 bps and turns on ECM-Error Correction Mode)

Choose “NORMAL” (which sets the modem speed to 14400 bps)

Choose “HIGH” (which sets the modem speed to 33600 bps)

press “HOME” button


Now, feel free to cancel your dedicated fax line!  DMAC TECHNOLOGY GROUP – saving you even more money.

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